Austin Theos
Call me Theos
Vital statistics
Status Alive
Age 21
Born April 16, 2102
Physical attributes
Height 6' 0"
Weight 175 lbs.
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown
Powers See powers list below'
Group Group of Heroes (formerly)

International Alliance of Heroes

Position Leader
Title Theos
Relations Unknown

Austin -member of Group of Heroes

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Austin Theos grew up in a middle-class family; not rich, not poor. He learned to value stuff. He learned not to take everything for granted. But that all changed when he got into his teens. His powers started popping up. A fireball at school, singing a tree; a passerby knocked out by Austin's telepathic powers; a feather popping out of his shirt. These were all little signs that something was wrong. But Austin never came clean about it. Austin came home one night after being out with friends to see his family's small 3-room house burning to ashes. Austin was devastated. His parents and little 12-year-old sister had died in the freak accident. Austin sat on the sidewalk out front for the entire morning, thinking about what had happen. Then, Austin stood up and started walking. To where, he did not know. Soon, Austin blended into obscurity. He dropped out of school, and nobody saw him for years. He was 17 when he disappeared. It was 2 more years until he finally reappeared. All that time he was missing, he had been hiding in the forest. He had finally honed his skills. At that time, the Malum was bringing a full-on attack against America. Austin immediately called for all heroes, far and wide, to join him in his fight against the Malum. Many did, and they started a full-on attack against the Malum. On July 4, 2123, the Group of Heroes, as they called themselves, made an full-on attack against the Malum. They took down their leader, but not without sacrifice. All heroes except for Austin had been killed. Not long after that Austin started the International Alliance of Heroes. He is now calling for all heroes from far and wide to join him once more.


Because of his emotional scarring as a child, Austin has developed a sense of value. He values everything now, including his own life. Austin usually hangs around New York City every day. He usually wears just a grey T-shirt and jeans. Nobody would realize who he was. In fact, whenever Austin is "crime fighting," he doesn't wear a suit. He just goes as he is.


  • Telepathy — Austin can control people's minds and move little objects with his mind. After his fight with the Malum, his telepathic powers were dimmed, making him less powerful than before.
  • Pyrokinesis — Austin can shoot fire out of his hands and feet, to an extent. Whenever he uses too much fire, it gets uncontrollable. Once, Austin nearly killed himself by using too much fire.