Hi there! New to the wiki? Don't know where to start? Well, here's your place to get started!

Registering on Wikia

If you've already registered on Wikia, you can skip this section.

So you want to make a new account, huh? Wanna get RPing here? Well, I'll tell you all about how to get registered here. In the upper ^ right ----> corner of your screen, there are two buttons. One says "Log In," and the other says "Sign Up." Press the "Sign Up" button. Now, enter a username, i.e. I did for mine JediForJesus. Next, type in an e-mail address where Wikia can contact you if neccessary. Next, type in a password and enter your birthday/year. PLEASE REMEMBER: You cannot register on Wikia if you are under the age of 13 years old. After you have completed that, enter the "Blurry Words" into the box, and hit "Create account". Then you're done!

Character Creation

So, you've decided to create a character here? Well, there are a few things you'll have to do. Let's walk through them.

Character Approval

First, you need your character approved by an Administrator. To do this, go to Hero Approval for a hero, and Villain Approval for a villain. If you just want to roleplay as a plain citizen (which in my opinion is boring), go to Character Approval. If you get what is called a "hit" on your page before the first seven days are up, your character is not approved, and you cannot send it in for approval again. However, if your character gets approved after the first 7 days, then you can continue to Character Creation.

Page Creation

The first thing to do is add the Template:Infobox character to your page. Put in all the required information, and click Ok. After that, it'd be best to add a History section, kind of what you had in your Character Approval page, just bigger if you want, then a Personality section, stating what their personality is like, what they wear, who they hang out with, etc. Next would be a Powers section, if your character has any power. After that, categorize your page. I.e., put your character's age (in numbers, please), what power(s) it has, and what group it is associated with.

Word Bubble Creation

A Word Bubble looks like this:


Free World Wiki -member of Free World Wiki

 – 13:00, November 6, 2013 (UTC)


Please, if you would, ask an Administrator to create a Word Bubble for you. It can be a lot of coding with a lot of time.


To roleplay, just go to a location page and go to the Comments section. There, enter this:

{{<character name>|<time, using five ~'s>|<text you want to say>}}

Thanks for coming! I hope this helped you out a lot!