There are a few rules we'd like you to abide by while on Free World Wiki. Please, read carefully below.


  • Characters must be original. I.e., they cannot come from any other stories, they cannot be related to any characters in any other series, and they cannot have any attributes listed in any other series. Example: You can't have a character that is related to Anakin Skywalker and can use the Force. That would be copyright infringment, and we don't want that.
  • Character's lives may crossover, but you have to ask the creator of that character.


  • Just like characters, locations must be original. Although Administrators will create the locations, they still need to listen. Any locations that are in other series, i.e. Tatooine, will be deleted immediately.
  • You may RP at any location, as long as you know it is not Admin only. Admin only, or group only locations are meant ONLY for those groups. That means, you cannot enter an Admin only location, or your comment will be deleted, and you cannot enter another group's headquarters, or you will probably die.

Wiki Conduct

  • Around in these parts, we don't allow indecent conduct. That means, you can't swear, and you can have sex with another character. This is a wiki for different age ranges. Anybody seen breaking this rule will be banned for 1 week, second offense 2 weeks, etc.
  • Chat is the same way. You are free to talk about what you want in chat, that's what it's made for. However, you cannot swear in a chatroom session, and you cannot make threats or use indecent conduct. If anyone sees another person doing this, please report it to a Chat moderator, or an Administrator immediately.